Systemic Constellation Work

What is Systemic Constellation work?

Systemic Constellation work is an experiential process that provides a complete or holistic view into individual, group, and family dynamics. Systemic Constellations help surface underlying and often unconscious patterns that are impacting the client and the system — providing the client with the opportunity to see what has kept a pattern in place, sometimes across generations. Clients who use constellation work to help them address key issues can find new understanding of their own struggles and play a part in shifting unhealthy patterns as they move forward in their lives and work.

How do Systemic Constellations work?

The Constellation process begins with a conversation between the client and facilitator about the issue or situation they are bringing to this work. During the conversation, the facilitator will ask questions about the people involved, interpersonal dynamics and the history involved in the issue. This discussion provides the facilitator with a context to help address the client’s topic and to surface useful information for the constellation process.

Next, the client selects representatives from the group assembled for the Constellation process and places them in the open area in the room. The facilitator then works with representatives individually as they communicate their internal experience and relational experience with the other representatives.  This process surfaces underlying patterns and dynamics that are then discussed with the client in relation to the topic or issue they are addressing.

What are the Benefits of Systemic Constellations?

Systemic Constellations hold the potential to reveal dynamics that otherwise remain unseen, and provides an opportunity to include and address what may have been excluded or denied in a system. For the client, Constellation work also holds the possibility of deeper understanding, freedom, and acceptance.

It’s not necessary to have your own Constellation in order to benefit from this powerful and healing process. Constellation work provides a unique and rich experience for both clients and representatives. In fact, people who attend a Constellation workshop often personally benefit from being representatives or observers in this work.

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